Protocols for the Handling of a Killed In Action and Active Duty Death


In the event of a KIA or ADD, there are different ways we will be notified. Most often, it will come from The Casualty/Mortuary Affairs Office of the specific branch. Sadly, the Military makes a distinct difference between a KIA and ADD. KIAs most often will be brought home on a private flight, most likely Kalitta Air. ADDs will be aboard a commercial flight, in the cargo hold. 

They will provide:

  • Flight information
  • CAO/CACO name, and numbers
  • Funeral Home contact

A surviving family member or Funeral home can make the request as well. Sometimes we will get a request from a friend or "battle buddy", These requests cannot be honored. Tell the requestor that requests MUST come from a family member. Unless, of course, they are acting with the family's permission. Given the scope of these Missions, they should be handled by the SRC and/or ASRC. If unable, then, the best qualified to do so. Once an RC is determined, this should be done. Contact requestor. Assure them we will do all necessary.

In the event of a KIA or ADD:

  • Contact the Airline provided. 
  • Make arrangements for a dignified transfer.
  • Reach out to the Funeral Director, let them know that we have been invited by the family and will work with them to honor the hero, however needed.
  • Contact the family and express our deepest condolences and assure them that their loved one will be honored by both us and the Military.

 Once all dignified transfer details are solidified:

  • Contact Police Dept for an escort. 
  • Start with ISP, then County, and finally local PD. 

All numbers can be found with a google search. Ask for a Deputy Chief or Watch Commander.

Write up a Mission post with all pertinent info:

  • Dignified Transfer
  • Visitation
  • Burial
  • If possible, all three days will be attended by PGR.

 In event of a KIA:

  • Chances are the Dignified Transfer will take place in a hangar, or on the airfield of a smaller airport.
  • More often than not we will be invited to witness it. We have nothing to do except hold flags and "present arms" when appropriate.
  • Either, defer to Military or RC for calls.

For ADD a different routine will happen. 

  • The remains will be transferred on the airfield.
  • The Fire department or the Military will handle the transfer. 
  • Only close family and a funeral coach will be present. 
  • Sometimes remains will be transferred to the coach inside the freight terminal. 
  • In that case, a flag line will be stood, with "Present Arms" every time our hero is in movement.

In event of a planeside transfer: 

  • Stand flag line on the entry road as the coach exits the airfield.
  • Once the transfer is complete. "Mount up" should be called, go to your bike/vehicle, and bring our hero "Home".

Document created by Dave Gier

​Region 1 SRC