The Illinois Patriot Guard Riders also reaches out to the community of military veterans in a variety of supportive ways through our Help on the Home Front Program (HOTH). Over the years, we have provided wheelchair ramps, loaded moving trucks for the disabled, purchased plane tickets in critical situations, donated money to offset costs associated with family visits to the severely wounded, and a variety of other things consistent with our organizational mission.

Those projects are funded through our Gear Store purchases and financial contributions made to the Illinois Patriot Guard Riders, and those that do not involve any financial commitment are completed by our dedicated volunteer members who donate their time and other individual resources.

If there is a request for HOTH services that involves volunteer time or expertise, you will receive a statewide email. If it is in your area and you would like to volunteer, please follow the contact instructions contained in the statewide email.

We normally prefer 24 hour notice to allow sufficient time to properly prepare. This applies to any request other than a KIA. The 24 hour rule may be waived in the event of extenuating circumstances.

Request Policy 

All requests must be submitted to the Illinois State Captain, any State Leader or Authorized Illinois Ride Captain. We will make every effort to honor each request, but current mission commitments, Ride Captain availability and timelines will be a consideration in the acceptance of a mission request.
Once an invitation has been accepted, a Ride Captain/Ride Captain's of the IPGR will be assigned to the “mission” by the Regional Sr. Ride Captain. The RC will contact the Next of Kin to arrange a meeting. This is done to obtain the needs and wishes of the family.


Mission Programs

Honor Mission

  • Active duty military non-combat death. (Active Duty deaths are a priority over any other requests)
  • Line of duty Police, Fire and EMS death.
  • Veterans
  • Active duty Police, Fire and EMS death.
  • Retired Police, Fire and EMS death


The mission request format will remain the same. Invitation must be by a family member or qualified spokesperson of returning Units.

  • Units
  • Groups
  • Wounded
  • Individual (Troop members recently returning from a theater of war and active duty being discharged.)

The acceptance of individual welcome homes will be at the discretion of the Regional Sr. Ride Captain and based upon mission priorities, timelines and availability of Ride Captains.


We welcome requests for our presence for many different types of events. We have been invited to attend events such as; troop support rallies, patriotic rallies, parades and many other types of community activities. Acceptance of Special Events will be based upon whether the event falls within the confines of our Mission Statement. There will be events that we will not be able to accept, but we will be respectful and give a reason why we can't fulfill a particular request.

We will not take part in any kind of protest or counter protest of “un-invited individuals or groups”. We will however; when asked, provide a “silent shield of red, white and blue” by providing the formation of a flag line between those “un-invited individuals or groups” and the family.